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These products are marked as being in good condition. This includes fully functional products in good condition but with general signs of usage and potentially small flaws, if stated so in description.

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Sold outLouis Vuitton TrocaderoLouis Vuitton Trocadero
Louis Vuitton Trocadero Sale pricekr2,500.00
Prada CrossbodyPrada Crossbody
Prada Crossbody Sale pricekr1,250.00
Prada Sort SkuldertaskePrada Sort Skuldertaske
Prada Sort Skuldertaske Sale pricekr1,350.00
Gucci Creme LædertaskeGucci Creme Lædertaske
Gucci Creme Lædertaske Sale pricekr1,450.00
Prada CrossbodyPrada Crossbody
Prada Crossbody Sale pricekr1,350.00
Sold outPrada Sort TessutoPrada Sort Tessuto
Prada Sort Tessuto Sale pricekr2,350.00
Gucci Leather bagGucci Leather bag
Gucci Leather bag Sale pricekr2,250.00
Prada Army green TotebagPrada Army green Totebag
Prada Army green Totebag Sale pricekr1,350.00
Gucci Leather Bucket BagGucci Leather Bucket Bag
Gucci Leather Bucket Bag Sale pricekr1,850.00
Gucci Brown CrossbodyGucci Brown Crossbody
Gucci Brown Crossbody Sale pricekr1,350.00
Save kr300.00Louis Vuitton Vernis CrossbodyLouis Vuitton Vernis Crossbody
Louis Vuitton Vernis Crossbody Sale pricekr2,350.00 Regular pricekr2,650.00
Louis Vuitton Vernis Belt BagLouis Vuitton Vernis Belt Bag
Louis Vuitton Vernis Belt Bag Sale pricekr2,650.00
Sold outSave kr450.00Bottega Veneta Sac De mainBottega Veneta Sac De main
Bottega Veneta Sac De main Sale pricekr3,950.00 Regular pricekr4,400.00
Sold outLouis Vuitton Randonne PMLouis Vuitton Randonne PM
Louis Vuitton Randonne PM Sale pricekr3,350.00
Fendi Baguette MamaFendi Baguette Mama
Fendi Baguette Mama Sale pricekr2,450.00
Save kr300.00Louis Vuitton Bosphorus PMLouis Vuitton Bosphorus PM
Louis Vuitton Bosphorus PM Sale pricekr2,850.00 Regular pricekr3,150.00
Sold outPrada Black Tessuto CityPrada Black Tessuto City
Prada Black Tessuto City Sale pricekr1,450.00
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Sale pricekr2,450.00
Louis Vuitton Black RivieraLouis Vuitton Black Riviera
Louis Vuitton Black Riviera Sale pricekr2,550.00
Gucci leather shoulder bagGucci leather shoulder bag
Gucci leather shoulder bag Sale pricekr1,550.00
Louis Vuitton TompkinsLouis Vuitton Tompkins
Louis Vuitton Tompkins Sale pricekr2,650.00
Prada Black Shoulder BagPrada Black Shoulder Bag
Prada Black Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,550.00
Vivienne Westwood Shoulder bagVivienne Westwood Shoulder bag
Gucci 2-Way Shoulder BagGucci 2-Way Shoulder Bag
Gucci 2-Way Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,250.00
Gucci Black and Red Shoulder BagGucci Black and Red Shoulder Bag
Prada Gray Shoulder BagPrada Gray Shoulder Bag
Prada Gray Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,300.00
Louis Vuitton Sac DepauleLouis Vuitton Sac Depaule
Louis Vuitton Sac Depaule Sale pricekr3,200.00
Chanel Shoulder bagChanel Shoulder bag
Chanel Shoulder bag Sale pricekr6,200.00
Louis Vuitton Pochette FlorentineLouis Vuitton Pochette Florentine
Gucci Turquoise Shoulder BagGucci Turquoise Shoulder Bag
Gucci Turquoise Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,250.00
Prada Red TessutoPrada Red Tessuto
Prada Red Tessuto Sale pricekr1,250.00
Gucci Scarf Tote BagGucci Scarf Tote Bag
Gucci Scarf Tote Bag Sale pricekr1,750.00
Prada Tote BagPrada Tote Bag
Prada Tote Bag Sale pricekr1,950.00
Gucci Tote BagGucci Tote Bag
Gucci Tote Bag Sale pricekr1,950.00
Prada Baby Blue Shoulder BagPrada Baby Blue Shoulder Bag
Prada Baby Blue Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,150.00
Prada red TotebagPrada red Totebag
Prada red Totebag Sale pricekr1,350.00
Save kr100.00Prada Tote BagPrada Tote Bag
Prada Tote Bag Sale pricekr1,550.00 Regular pricekr1,650.00
Louis Vuitton Cult CielLouis Vuitton Cult Ciel
Louis Vuitton Cult Ciel Sale pricekr2,550.00
Dior Bucket BagDior Bucket Bag
Dior Bucket Bag Sale pricekr1,550.00
Prada Bucket BagPrada Bucket Bag
Prada Bucket Bag Sale pricekr1,350.00
Prada Green Shoulder BagPrada Green Shoulder Bag
Prada Green Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,450.00
Prada Shoulder bagPrada Shoulder bag
Prada Shoulder bag Sale pricekr1,350.00
Gucci Leather CrossbodyGucci Leather Crossbody
Gucci Leather Crossbody Sale pricekr2,450.00
Prada Tessuto CityPrada Tessuto City
Prada Tessuto City Sale pricekr1,450.00
Prada White TotePrada White Tote
Prada White Tote Sale pricekr950.00
Prada HandbagPrada Handbag
Prada Handbag Sale pricekr725.00
Gucci Brown Shoulder BagGucci Brown Shoulder Bag
Gucci Brown Shoulder Bag Sale pricekr1,550.00
Gucci Shoulder bagGucci Shoulder bag
Gucci Shoulder bag Sale pricekr1,250.00